Be a lighthouse with bıql in your company

Be a lighthouse with bıql in your company

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Bıql is changing the mindset
  3. Role of Bıql in day-to-day improvement
  4. Better time Management
  5. Monitoring the Faults
  6. Conclusion


Bıql is a unique combination of letters which is grabbing the attention of everyone towards self-improvement and growth. As mentioned in the title a lighthouse is something which plays a key role in the overall performance of a team. There are many responsibilities and functions which a lighthouse does perform like guidance, monitoring, and evaluation. It is introducing a new sense and approach of thinking and looking at the things. The over all purpose of this approach is to introduce ourselves a better version of us. So, in this informative and interactive article we will discuss the interesting aspects of bıql by considering its impacts and benefits on our daily life.

Bıql is changing the mindset

The main defining factor of Bıql is that it is changing the level of thinking and overall mindset of people. With constructive mindset people can monitor their specified areas of improvement and can do a better analysis of things. This is the mindset which defines the objective of living of humans. With a clear and constructive mindset thing gets in a clearer and defining position so we can have a better understanding of things.

Role of Bıql in day-to-day improvement

Bıql is improving the daily routine lifestyle of humans. As we discussed in the above-mentioned paragraphs it is changing the mindset from destructive to constructive mindset. Similarly, it is impressing the daily routine of individuals by changing their way of thinking and routine in term of completing routine tasks and assignments.

Better time Management

As a motivating and self-improvement concept Bıql is teaching better time management. Time management is something which needs to be taught at the very early stage of life. But in most of the cases the people fail to learn the better or exact time management properly. You can settle all of your routine tasks and long-term objectives accordingly. It is often said that time is money which fits perfectly with Bıql which is again addressing the same issue and grabbing the attention of everyone towards better management of time.

Monitoring the Faults

With Bıql you can make a better evaluation of faults and lacking that stops you from getting at the point you are planning to reach. This includes the complete evaluation of reasons and factors responsible for the current situation. This is overall procedure takes you to the point where you start proceeding to the next steps toward success and progress.


Bıql is all about personal growth and management. It motivates you to take important steps to monitor the current situation of your failure. So that you can make better action plan according to the required situation. We have shared a detailed information about Bıql if you have any query regarding the shared information, you can ask in the comment section.