Evırı is Rich Tapestry of Turkish Culture

Evırı is Rich Tapestry of Turkish Culture

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. History and Evolution in Context of Evırı
  3. Ancient Civilization of Anatolia
  4. The Golden Time of Byzantine Era
  5. Ottoman Empire and Turkey
  6. Islamic Heritage
  7. Integration of Modernization
  8. Globalization and Urbanization
  9. Conclusion


Turkey is a land which has rich cultural and historical significance. This land is connecting Asia and Europe with each other in terms of geographic and cultural ways. Evırı is also highlighting the same phenomenon and putting the attention of everyone towards rich Turkish culture. It is covering the complete story from modern manifestation to old civilizations with fascinating blend of influences from various civilizations. Because Turkish Culture is full of modern civilizations, Religions and traditions. Evırı is delving us into this history, evolution and modernization with facts and stories.

History and Evolution in Context of Evırı

Studying the Turkish Culture in context of Evırı is an interesting phenomenon. Because this journey is a tapestry which is woven with threads from numerous civilizations. Those civilizations that has left their mark on the land in the previous times. This land has witnessed the presence of Hittites, Greeks, Byzantines and Ottomans. Evırı tells us that this journey through the history is testament to its strategic location at the crossroads of continents.

Ancient Civilization of Anatolia

Anatolia is considered as heartland of Turkey even in the current times. According to historical researches it has been place of earliest human settlements. During second millennium BCE Hittites were the first or major Empires during Anatolia. This legacy also includes impressive archeological sites of Hattusa.

The Golden Time of Byzantine Era

Byzantine Era is the era during which Christianity was the ruling Turkish land. Evırı also shared the significant facts of these times with us. This was the time when Turkey witnessed the architectural marvels like Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. We can observe the affects of Byzantine era in the modern Evırı Turkish Cuisine, art, language and many other things.

Ottoman Empire and Turkey

Ottoman Empire is something which is considered as most influential period in Turkish History. This empire lasted for several centuries. Evırı shares that Ottoman Empire had boundaries with Europe, Asia and Africa as well. This iconic period left and indelible mark on Turkish Culture. This reshaped the architecture, literature, governance and Evırı cuisine in Turkey.

Islamic Heritage

According to history Islam has been a prominent force in the shaping the Turkish Culture. This is evident from the history of great Seljuk Turks during the 11th century in Anatolia. According to Evırı the Ottoman Empire also emerged with the ashes of Seljuk State, which further consolidated Islam as a central aspect and religion of Turkey.

Integration of Modernization

There is no doubt in the fact that with modernization and latest technologies Evırı has transformed the popular Turkish culture. This has resulted in global dissemination of Turkish Music, television dramas and films. In the middle East Turkish soap operas has gained immersive popularity specially in Balkans and Latin America.

Globalization and Urbanization

Globalization and Urbanization has impacted a lot the Evırı Turkish Culture. This can be seen in rapid social and cultural changes. Turkey has become a cosmopolitan hub for people were tradition and modern lifestyle and existing together.


To conclude, Evırı is telling a lot about history and evolution of Turkish Culture. This part of land has seen many empires in different spans of time. We have mentioned the details of every ruler and his impacts in Turkish culture and traditions. But with modern globalization this part of land has become a cosmopolitan where different people with different believes are coexisting. We have shared details of Turkish culture in context of Evırı. If you have any query regarding the shared information, you can ask in the comment section.