How to make Pollaste? Simple Guide

How to make Pollaste? Simple Guide

Table of contents

  1. Over view
  2. What is pollaste
  3. MAKING OF pollaste
  4. Chicken
  5. Vegetables
  6. Liquids
  7. Duration of cooking
  8. Graceful look
  9. Healthy benefits
  10. Protein source
  11. A diet full of nutrition

Over view

This is a dish and gaining fame from last few years and all food lovers are very much aware about it and they really love to at pollaste when they travel alone or with family this dish is becoming popular day by day in all such kind of food lovers who like to eat   unique and new upcoming dishes. Pollaste has become special guest dish these days. This dish is accepted easily in all age groups eat due to its taste and available flavors.

We will discuss all available information on this dish and how it is prepared, ingredients, duration of time to prepare etc.

What is pollaste

The word pollaste is derived from “pollo” means chicken, so you can understand that this dish is related to chicken, then vegetables, different kind of masalas, spicy materials, are also added and these all together make an outstanding cooking combination and then starts the magic and expertise of its chef that hoe he handles the making of pollaste.

But on other side if chef isn’t much expert so even then this dish is easy to make at home.

 MAKING OF pollaste

Making of this dish is a truly adventurous experience to do. because this is a totally thrilling and enjoyable cooking.

We need chicken, vegetables, liquids.

Chicken: purchase bone in chicken instead of bone less, thighs, drum sticks for flavored and juicier taste.

Vegetables: in vegetables we need onions, garlic, carrots, bell peppers and potatoes are commonly used to add depth and different kind of texture to dish.

Liquids: vinegar

These are mainly required items used as ingredient for pollaste

Then along with routine spices are also used to make it more delicious and tastier.

Duration of cooking

Total duration from start of dish to end it takes total 1.5 hour.

 Graceful look:

When you keep this dish on table for its guests so between all other dishes available on table pollaste

Looks graceful and impactive look. This dish increases the integrity of atmosphere in restaurant or hotel is increased.

Healthy benefits:

Pollaste provides many health-related benefits

Protein source

The main protein source in this dish is lean, this is a great option for any one who is trying to gain or wants to keep muscle mass. As we know medically it is proved that protein is much necessary for our body specially in muscle growth.

A diet full of nutrition:

After providing protein, pollaste is highly enriched with minerals and vitamins. It provides vitamin A and C. these both are highly responsible for performance of our immune system and skin health as well, on same time potatoes added in this diet mainly contribute as fiber diet, fiber is very much important for our body.


Depending upon the data available online we conclude that pollaste is a dish famous in all food lovers, travelers, and all expert chefs. This is highly demanded dish in restaurants, hotels, resorts, Pollaste Is specially cooked in big public events specially in UAE. In cruise dinners this dish is also served. But this is not only a dish to eat but also it provides necessary healthy benefits to body such as protein, vitamins (A, C) which are main contributor to our immune system and our shiny skin. Even it provides fiber out body as fiber diet is highly recommended diet by health professionals because fibers help to loos weight. All these above-mentioned benefits and details do confirmation that name of chicken diet to eat which is spicy, flavored, has grace full look, famous worldwide that is pollaste.