What is new in fountaincheck.com?

What is new in fountaincheck.com?

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Online Real-Time Diagnosis
  3. Symptoms Assessment with AI
  4. Remote Monitoring Devices
  5. Comprehensive Health Education
  6. Electronic Health Records
  7. Conclusion


fountaincheck.com is a combination of letters with which we all are well aware. That it is providing best health facilities online to the patients from the comfort of their homes. But now important is we should focus that what is new in this platform? What are the latest developments updates that this platform is providing to the people. So, in this informative and interactive article we will be updating you about the latest updates or What is new in fountaincheck.com.

 Online Real-Time Diagnosis

This is one of the latest developments in fountaincheck.com which is Providing real-time diagnosis service to patients. This service is also known as telemedicine services. This includes virtual appointments with doctors and consultation without any prior permission and physical presence. This feature has proven very helpful during the covid-19 pandemic as minimizes the risk of harms for the doctors and patients at the same time.

Symptoms Assessment with AI

This is the latest development in this online health care platform. With AI symptom assessment AI can automatically monitor the symptoms of disease and can generate the personalized environment for the patient. Patients simply put their sign and symptoms in the system and system can automatically diagnose and generate the possible disease with reasons. This AI system also provides suggestion and recommendations which patient need to adapt immediately for his betterment.

This feature is reducing the undue burden on the hospitals as patients gets early treatment and diagnosis at the comfort of their homes. Since Hospital emergencies remains saturated with patients so fountaincheck.com in this regard can help to reduce the burden.

Remote Monitoring Devices

Being the leading and latest online health wellness platform, fountaincheck.com is providing a wide range of remote monitoring tools. These tools are smart and are easily wearable like at the wrist, and then they monitor the overall health of patients like blood pressure, sugar levels, LDL, cholesterol level etc.

These devices and gadgets are very helpful in terms of giving notification on early basis in case of danger or emergency. Moreover, patients receive reminder to take medicine on time and remains motivated in terms of keeping himself healthy and safe.

Comprehensive Health Education

fountaincheck.com being a leading online platform is providing free health wellness awareness to people. This educational program contains multimedia content availability like videos, photos, broachers, articles, documentaries and many more. These programs have been very helpful for the people to make informed decisions when dealing with emergency situations.

Electronic Health Records


Last but not the least, fountaincheck.com is keeping electronic record of patient’s health. This electronic record includes patient history of admission, diagnosis, prescription history, test reports, last sugar and blood pressure readings. With this advancement chances of data lost has reached to minimum levels.


To conclude, fountaincheck.com has introduced some latest features and updates. Which we have shared with you. These latest features and updates are aimed to integrate the online health care facilities to the users. If you have any query regarding the fountaincheck.com, you can ask in the comment section.