What is stichting bouwresearch? All You Should Know

What is stichting bouwresearch? All You Should Know

Table of contents

  1. Overview
  2. Aim and Vision of Stichting bouwresearch
  3. History and Evolution
  4. Stichting bouwresearch Foundation
  5. What happened with Stichting bouwresearch in 2017?
  6. Conclusion


Stichting bouwresearch is a Germany Based research institution for the field of construction and installations. This developing institution was formed in 1959. Herman Witte was the first chairman of Stichting bouwresearch and this company was directed by jeanette Balijeu and he is also having the owner of being the last director of the company. Headquarter of this construction company is known as The Construction campus, TU Delft. As per information available from online resources this construction company consists of more than 50 employees.

Aim and Vision of Stichting bouwresearch

Aim and vision of Stichting bouwresearch is to introduce latest research methods and techniques in the field of construction and building. This vision is really broad and innovative. The idea behind this aim is to take this construction company to a next level which can provide people a complete package with modern techniques and classic heritage. So that Stichting bouwresearch can become a unified platform for the masses where they can come and find all the modern techniques which they can apply on their home living houses and professional building to get the international standard constructions.

History and Evolution

If we look at the history and evolution of Stichting bouwresearch then we will come to know that this construction was made after the World War II. You will be amazed to know that after that war there was a lot of things which were demolished and need to be constructed again. And it was the same time when companies and organizations were looking for the right construction companies which can professionally complete this task on the modern standard basis within the shorter timelines. Then Stichting bouwresearch evolved as the only company with proper knowledge of the construction with necessary ideas and equipment.

Stichting bouwresearch Foundation

Stichting bouwresearch foundation published various books and documents for the general awareness and to increase the over all noise level. The subject of these books was equipment management, cost management, policy making and financing, transportation management and security for the construction industry. This is something which placed this company unique and leading from rest of the companies because it facilitated general masses and those professionals who are planning to construct building in the near future.

What happened with Stichting bouwresearch in 2017?

Despite being the leading construction company from 1959 to till 2015. This company started facing financial losses. There were multiple responsible for this loss which we cannot mention in this blog right know but most importantly financial reasons were the main culprit which led to the termination of services if Stichting bouwresearch in 31 December, 2017. After that Different operation of the company like construction, publication and other things were occupied by other companies.


To conclude, Stichting bouwresearch was a company which introduced latest innovative ideas in the field of construction and building. This was the leading construction after the second world war due to need and low competition. But after 2015 Stichting bouwresearch continued to face financial challenges which resulted in the termination of employees and services in 2017. We have shared detailed information about Stichting bouwresearch, if you want to add something or want to add some question you can ask in the comment section.